Hang Your Frame





Your custom frame comes ready with two hanging options; D-rings and a French Cleat. We recommend using the French Cleat over the D-rings, however you have the option if you prefer D-rings.

 ***Please note if you use the French Cleat you will need to REMOVE the D-rings in order for the frame to hang flush against the wall. 


To hang using the French Cleat:

  1. Measure across your frame to determine the center of the width (CENTER TOP) of your frame.
  2. Hold frame to wall at desired position (for large pieces, enlist a friend to help!) and lightly mark the position of the CENTER TOP of the frame on the wall with pencil or removable painter's tape.
  3. Measure the distance from CENTER TOP of your picture frame to the bottom of the cleat
  4. On the wall, measure the distance determined from Step 3 down from the CENTER TOP and mark with an X.
  5. Measure the width of the cleat to find its center point. Line the cleat up on wall so that the cleat’s center point and its screw holes intersect with the X you made in Step 4.
  6. Be sure to position the cleat so the ridge to hold your picture is facing up and out from the wall.
  7. Use a level to ensure that the cleat is level.
  8. Using the hanging hardware provided, screw your cleat firmly into the wall.
  9. Carefully hang your frame on the cleat.


To hang using the two D-rings:

  1. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ADD A WIRE. The two D-rings are meant to hang on two separate hooks. If you received your piece with a wire already attached to the 2 D-rings, it is meant to be hung on the wire (see instructions below)
  2. If your piece is too large and awkward to handle yourself, have a friend help.
  3. Rub pencil on the corner of the D-rings and make sure the D-rings are flipped up. That's how they'll eventually hang on the picture hangers.
  4. Hold frame straight using a level.
  5. Gently place frame against the wall in desired position. This will transfer small pencil marks for the picture hangers onto the wall.
  6. Position your picture hangers so the hooks align with the pencil marks on the wall.
  7. Hammer the nails through your two picture hangers.
  8. Hang the D-rings on the picture hangers. Check with a level.


Caring for your frame:

Remove dust by blowing on your frame.

If a deeper clean is needed, use a small amount of mild soap and lukewarm water on a clean, soft cloth or sponge. To dry, blot gently with a lint-free cloth.

DO NOT use your hand or a dry cloth to remove dust.

DO NOT use Windex or any products that contain ammonia.

DO NOT use abrasive materials that could leave scratches on your plexi or on the frame.